5 Types of Pipe Used in Swimming Pool Installations

When it comes to swimming pool installation, there are many different materials that are used. The type of piping you choose for your pool can have a significant impact on the quality, installation, and the lifespan of your pool system. Here are some of the most popular options you’ll see being used.

Pipe options for swimming pools

PVC — This is a standard for swimming pools. The thickness of the wall of the pipe is known as the schedule, most commonly PVC pipe is made to schedule 40 or schedule 80.

CPVC — This type of pipe is typically used for plumbing jobs which need piping able to withstand higher water temperatures. It’s light gray in color and is more expensive than regular PVC pipe. 

Flexible PVC — The flexibility in this type of pipe makes it easier to install than rigid PVC pipe. It also has several benefits like being better at handling freezing temperatures and withstanding ground movements. 

Black Poly — This kind of pipe was used before PVC became popular, and some pool plumbers still use it. It’s flexible like flexible PVC pipe, without being attractive to underground bugs and has greater chemical resistance.

Ultimately your decision in piping comes down to budget, timing, and the temperature of the water supply. Here at Harrison Hose and Tubing, our knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions you might have on hose, tubing, and their applications. Contact us today and learn more!

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