Follow These Safety Precautions Before Hose Selection

Industrial hoses are essential for a variety of businesses, and each industry has its own tailored hose designed specifically for it. Using the incorrect hose for the wrong purpose may result in significant equipment damage, safety concerns, and potential financial losses. Take the time to evaluate, test, and choose the right hose for your specific needs.

When selecting a hose for a specific purpose, there are several things to consider. The proper choice and installation of a hose system is critical for ensuring that it is safe to use. Consider the following factors when making your decision:


  • What is the temperature of the product flowing through the hose assembly?
  • What is the temperature range of the surroundings in which the hose assembly is placed?


  • How is the hose assembly being used, and how is the hose routed? Is it in a vertical or horizontal position?
  • Is it a pressure or vacuum application? Is it a gravity flow device?
  • Are there any unique functions that the hose assembly must accomplish?


What material is flowing through the hose assembly? It’s important to be accurate. Examine for abrasive materials, chemical compatibility, and food grade specifications, etc.


What is the maximum pressure (including surges) that the hose assembly will be exposed to?


To connect to the system, what types of couplings are required? Are the couplings compatible with all aspects of the application?

We can help!

Selecting which industrial hose you should use for your next project or application is a very important decision. You shouldn’t have to make all the decisions yourself. Harrison Hose and Tubing will walk with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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