Hoses in the Fire Safety Industry

Hoses are an essential part of the fire safety industry since they’re used to put out fires and help keep people safe. There are many different types of hoses, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. Here are the different types of hoses and why they are so important in the fire safety industry.

Types of Fire Hoses

Fire hoses can be divided into four categories: the intake hose, attack hose, supply line, and extinguisher. Here’s what you should know about the different types of hoses used in fire fighting:

Intake Hose

The intake hose is designed to connect the fire department’s pumper to a portable pump or other water source. When it comes to this type of hose you’ll find hard suction hoses and soft sleeve hoses.

A hard suction hose takes water from below the pump, which prevents collapsing from a vacuum. The soft sleeve hose on the other hand, transfers water between the fire engine and another water source like a hydrant, tanker, or a body of water. 

Attack Hose 

When it comes to combating fires and having direct control over extinguishing them, attack hoses come into play. The 1″ line is lightweight, can be handled by 1 firefighter, and it’s normally used for wash-downs. The 1 3/4″ hose requires 2-3 firefighters and is typically used for residential and vehicle fires And the 2 1/2″ line is the most powerful attack hose used to fight fires in buildings. This line needs 3-4 firefighters to operate.

Supply Line

A supply line allows a fire engine to obtain water from another source. When the fire necessitates more water than the booster tank can hold, supply lines are required. Supply lines move large volumes of water at low pressure.

Extinguisher Line

An extinguisher line is used to transport extinguishing agents from the container. They’re used on both large, stationary extinguisher units, wheeled units, or can be mounted on a vehicle. There are conventional lines that can withstand pressures up to 400psi and high-pressure lines that can withstand up to 1250psi. 

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