Hose and Tube Applications in the Medical Industry

One of the most important applications of tubing is when it is used in the medical field. It’s vital that equipment functions and performs properly, and doesn’t cause any health risks to patients. Hoses for anesthesia, oxygen, and more have strict requirements for cleanliness and allergens, especially if they’re designed for patient contact. Here are some specific things to look for and how hose and tubes are used in medicine:

Important features to consider:

  • Depending on how it’s used, material hardness and bend radius can either be an asset or liability. Material selection will be important if you need hose that’s thin and stiff, thick and flexible, or vice versa.
  • Be sure to consider if the hose will be used for external or internal human contact, or non-personal use. Material choice and manufacturing process will vary depending on what class the product falls under.
  • There are many suppliers that offer stretchable medical tubes and hoses in specific sizes, lengths, colors, and diameters. You should check if the supplier is able to customize them for your requirements.

Common applications in the medical industry:

  • Oxygen transfer
  • Anesthesia
  • Lab test equipment
  • IV and catheter
  • Air beds
  • Wheel chairs
  • Protective sleeves or covers for wires or other sensitive equipment
  • Dental equipment
  • Vacuum/suction
  • Fluid transfer or drainage
  • Pressure-bound apparatus such as BP monitoring
  • Massaging cuffs

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